A simple tool to bridge websites and native apps.

Redirect users to apps with graceful fallbacks or provide forwarding services to full-screen web browsers.

Linking to custom URLs

🌐Custom URLs (like tel:, sms:, and more) are cool!… But many tools – like Twitter, Dropbox Paper, and Google Docs – don’t support them.

Add "https://redirect.app#" to the beginning of custom URL and it'll forward them to the correct application on your device.

⬇ becomes
🤓 https://redirect.app#sms:+1-512-555-1212

This forwarding is done on your device, so these links open quickly and privately.

Providing fallback URLs

Often custom URLs are not available—either because the application is not installed, or they have been disabled.

Webpage fallbacks

Add ?FALLBACK=http://example.com to the end of the link. If the original link is not available, the fallback will be opened.

Message fallbacks

Add ?FALLBACK=This Site is Unavailable to the end of the link, and an alert will be shown if the original link is not available. (note, the browser may replace spaces with '%20')

Opening a default URL.

if you visit redirect.app without anything else in the URL, it will redirect you to a custom URL that you can choose.

This is handy for full screen web browsers and other cases where you want to automatically forward a device to the same location.

To use it, open redirect.app hit 'edit' and type where you'd like to be taken.

Some useful url schemes:

More resources: